19th CSRG Charity Challenge

Historic racing features at the 19th CSRG Charity Challenge at Sonoma Raceway
Photo | Paul Bonner (Vintage Motorsport)

The 19th CSRG Charity Challenge is the season’s signature event of Classic Sports Racing Group, with over 250 entries, spectators, car club displays, vintage aircraft flyovers and more.


CSRG race groups comprise:

  • ​G1 – Sports and GT Cars as raced prior to 1963
  • G2 – Small Displacement Production Sports Cars through 1972
  • G3 – Large Displacement Production Sports Cars through 1970
  • G4 – Two classes of Sports Racing Cars, over and under two liters, through 1967, as well as compatible, light Production Cars
  • G5 – Small displacement open-wheel formula cars, Formula B, Formula SuperVee,  Formula Junior and 1.5 liter Formula 1 cars
  • G6 – Pre-1984 Formula Ford
  • G7 –  Formula Atlantic, Super Vee, Formula 5000, FIA 2 liter cars, Can Am, Formula 1
  • G8 – SCCA Trans-Am, A, and B Sedans, IMSA GTP, GTU & GTO cars & compatible production-based cars, 1972-1990

In 2022 the Charity Challenge will be a full, three day event, with practice and some qualifying on the optional Friday session. Since the first Charity Challenge in 2004, the charity rides program has raised over $1M for the Sonoma County charities, and the Saturday night part dinner and auction, assuming COVID restrictions have been lifted, are as fun as parties can get.


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