47th Historic Winton

Classic tin-top racing features at the 37th Historic Winton
Photo | Colin Rosewarne

The 47th Historic Winton, Australia’s longest running and most popular historic car and motorcycle race event, will be held on 25th and 26th May 2024 at Winton Motor Raceway, near Benalla. Thousands of historic race competitors and spectators will flock to Winton Motor Raceway for another ‘edge-of-your-seat’ weekend of thrills and spills.

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Organised by the Austin 7 Club Inc, President Len Kerwood said that the inaugural N Class Touring Car “Tin Top” Regularity event was such a big hit in 2023 that it’s on the program again in 2024.  “The Tin Tops (touring cars from pre-1958 to 1972) will be amongst 400 odd cars and motorbikes competing at Historic Winton,” Mr Kerwood said. “Vehicles from the beginning of motoring to the mid-1980s will grace the track. The Sunday Parade is another favourite ‘best of’ event with participating vehicles chosen from anniversary and car park displays. Motoring enthusiasts arrive in their historic vehicles turning the car parks into magnificent showcase.”

He said dream of cruising around Winton Motor Raceway in the Sunday Parade and although we get requests ahead of the event, the participants were selected on the day, with invitees receiving an invitation placed under the windscreen wiper early in the morning. “Participants will be selected based on the number of vehicles in an anniversary group, rarity and presentation,” he said. Mr Kerwood said that research for the 2024 Anniversary vehicle displays was under way, but it was already known that a number of Austin 7 models will celebrate 90 years and Dodge will celebrate 110 years. The full list of anniversary display vehicles will be announced in the New Year.


Discounted tickets for 47th Historic Winton are now on sale in time for Christmas.  Tickets and camping are available at this link:

LINK to Historic Winton video:  https://youtu.be/tvg4-39dZmY

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