78th Members’ Meeting

A feast of historic racing at the Goodwood 78th Members' Meeting
Photo | Goodwood

Traditionally held in later March or early April, the postponed 78th Members’ Meeting has been moved to the weekend of 15-16 May 2021.

The Members’ Meeting is first and foremost a world-class historic race meeting, but other activities on and off the track make for a full weekend of entertainment.

The combination of like-minded friends enjoying motorsport, track demonstrations, access all areas, wonderful food and drink, fun-packed festivities, spectacular fireworks, and great entertainment is what sets the tone for Members’ Meetings.


Official practice and racing will both take place on both days over the weekend:


Saturday will be the hot ticket since it includes a day of track action – a mixture of qualifying, racing and high-speed demonstrations – and Goodwood’s biggest party in the evening, which have to be seen to be believed!


The majority of the racing takes place on Sunday, making it a must-see for real motorsport enthusiasts. The high-speed demonstrations will be repeated on Sunday, so in terms of on-track action it is unbeatable.


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