La Carrera Costa Rica (Dec)

December 5, 2022 – December 15, 2022 all-day
Equis Classic Rallies Central America
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Classic rallying on La Carrera Costa Rica
Photo | Equis

La Carrera Costa Rica is a classic touring rally in Central America organized by Equis Classic Touring Rally – with our own vehicles. This means that participants do not need to bring their own vehicle and therefore many potential problems with shipping their vehicles are obsolete. The event runs for 11 days and covers 1,568 kms / 974 miles.


There is a choice of classic rally vehicles:
  • Porsche 911 SWB
  • Rallye Mercedes Benz 450SL
  • Volvo PV544
  • Mini Cooper
  • BMW R80 G/S
  • Two-door Range Rover Classic
  • Land Rover Series
  • Vincent Comet and others.


Equis Classic Touring Rally offers three classic rallies to choose from:

  • The “La Carrera Costa Rica”, 11 days
  • The “La Carrera Veragua”, modular, 6/8/14 days, 3 countries, and
  • The “La Carrera Panamericana del Sur”, 18 days , 5 countries, Portobelo (Panama) to Antigua (Guatemala).

The rallies do not contain any competitive components and are to be understood as luxurious classic touring rides. There is enough time for the country and its people.

Experience steaming volcanoes, cloud forests and rainforests, historic colonial cities, pyramids of long-forgotten cultures, hot springs, high plateaus, rugged coasts, picture-perfect beaches and thundering waterfalls – and the whole thing garnished with an incredible biodiversity in flora and fauna.

Equis Classic Touring Rally works in Central America exclusively with the very best top boutique hotels and lodges.


For more information and details:

The Equis Classic Touring Rally team speaks fluent German, English and Spanish.