Laps for Laguna

Historic racing features at the CSRG Laps for Laguna
Photo | Jim Rose

Laps for Laguna is a new event created by the Laguna Seca Raceway Foundation and CSRG (Classic Sports Racing Group) to raise money for charity.


CSRG race groups comprise:

  • ​G1 – Sports and GT Cars as raced prior to 1963
  • G2 – Small Displacement Production Sports Cars through 1972
  • G3 – Large Displacement Production Sports Cars through 1970
  • G4 – Two classes of Sports Racing Cars, over and under two liters, through 1967, as well as compatible, light Production Cars
  • G5 – Small displacement open-wheel formula cars, Formula B, Formula SuperVee,  Formula Junior and 1.5 liter Formula 1 cars
  • G6 – Pre-1984 Formula Ford
  • G7 –  Formula Atlantic, Super Vee, Formula 5000, FIA 2 liter cars, Can Am, Formula 1
  • G8 – SCCA Trans-Am, A, and B Sedans, IMSA GTP, GTU & GTO cars & compatible production-based cars, 1972-1990


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