Member’s Meeting

Historic racing at the Goodwood Member's Meeting
Photo | Goodwood Road Racing Club

The Member’s Meeting is Goodwood’s motorsport opening weekend, recreating the atmosphere and camaraderie of the original BARC Meetings held at Goodwood through the 1950s and 1960s. Access all areas across the two days of thrilling racing and demonstrations from the finest historic cars, as well as more modern machines never previously seen at the Motor Circuit. Plus, buzzing food markets and Goodwood’s biggest outdoor party on Saturday evening, with live music and stunning fireworks.

Member’s Meeting Events

Saturday will be the hot ticket since it includes a day of track action – a mixture of qualifying, racing and high-speed demonstrations – and Goodwood’s biggest party in the evening.

The majority of the racing takes place on Sunday, making it a must-see for real motorsport enthusiasts. The high-speed demonstrations will be repeated on Sunday, so in terms of on-track action it is unbeatable.

Expect another spectacular array of grids at iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit with everything from classic tin-tops and GTs, to motorcycles, and various single-seaters up to Formula 1.

NOTE – Only those who are part of the Goodwood Road Racing Club (GRRC) can book tickets for Members’ Meeting.


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