Memorial Day Motorsports Festival

Vintage racing at the SVRA Memorial Day Motorsports Festival
Photo | Ken Rementer

The Memorial Day Motorsports Festival showcases an unbeatable collection of vintage race cars on a vintage track in a park-like setting, virtually unchanged since 1957.


All SVRA classes are participating.

This year, Mazda is being celebrated as the Featured Marque. Eligible Miatas are invited to compete in the Miata Heritage Cup.


Lime Rock has been in continuous operation since 1957, making it one of the longest-running, historically important and authentic race tracks in America. Just 1.5-miles around, Lime Rock is a surprisingly fast “momentum” course with short straights, complex corners and exciting elevation changes. Juan Manuel Fangio II famously called Lime Rock “A mysterious riddle, a track where a perfect lap will never be driven!”

Competing at Lime Rock has been described as “a picnic in a park with cars,” since the track is cradled in a natural amphitheater formed by the Litchfield Hills. Spectators can be found frolicking on the grassy banking, but never on Sunday, since a court injunction has barred Sunday racing since 1959.


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