Savannah Speed Classic

Vintage motorsport at the Savannah Speed Classic

The Savannah Speed Classic celebrates the birthplace of Grand Prix (GP) racing in America. Vintage race cars will take center stage on the Grand Prix of America road course for three full days of on track excitement.  All SVRA race classes are invited. The International GT Series continues its racing traditions at the Savannah Speed Classic.

In 1908 the unpaved roads of the Savannah hosted the American Grand Prize the first GP race in North America. Three other races  followed one GP in 1910 and two—a Grand Prix and a Vanderbilt Cup race, in 1911.

The Savannah Speed Classic offers abundant track time for all race groups. The spirited Friday race car tour to the street party in historic Savannah is not to be missed.  Parties, car shows, touring, spectators add to the fun—all weekend long. We invite you to join us and enjoy a great racing weekend, on a challenging track and experience the hospitality of Savannah.

The featured marque will be Corvair.


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