Super Racing Series

Historic racing action features at the Super Racing Series event at Braga
Photo | Ucm Eg

The Super Racing Series includes events for Group 1 historics and the Mini Trophy.

Group 1 Portugal

Born in 2012, this classic series with Group1 Pre-1981 specifications, was made for teams that were looking to compete in a championship where there was a controlled participation costs, like the English spirit of the “Club Racing”. This competition is always disputed by class, rewording the teams and drivers big effort who runs in each classes, fighting their own championship inside the championship.

Like it was on the past, this races are getting extremely interesting. Remember the GR1 national championships of 1979, 1980 and 1981, not mentioning the famous english BTCC, also disputed with this kind of cars.

Nowadays, like in Portugal, England and France, Group1 races have been very well disputed and competitive and the grids growing every day.

Besides this, the cars value is increasing, with a lot more interested people in Europe, in participate on this competitions, making this a secure investment.

Mini Trophy

Always a presence on the tracks since the 60’s, MINI has always been an icon for car races. 60 years passed, and today this model still gives the same show for the crowd to enjoy.

Mini Trophy in Portugal is for MK4 SPI and SPI models, according to the English rules for the “Mighty Mini” – engine and standard gear box. This configuration makes the acquisition very affordable with a low maintenance, with all the car pieces being standard and with very low prices. The Mighty Mini Trophy is ruled by 3 basic principles: fun, elegance and competition. Despite the low prices, it’s crucial that all drivers and teams understands that this is a classic car trophy, and that the final results will not lead any of them to Formula 1. The Portuguese Mini Trophy always races in the same tracks where the Group 1 Portugal is racing, once they have the same calendar.

Come see the Super Racing Series events at Braga in September!


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