Historic Winton

Classic sports and GT racing at the Historic Winton event
Photo | Robert Cutting / Historic Winton

The 46th Historic Winton car and motorcycle event will be held on 27th and 28th May 2023 in its usual spectacular style with races, car park displays and marketplace of motoring and biking-related goods as well as delicious food.

Organised by the Austin 7 Club Inc, President Len Kerwood said that Historic Winton will once again see competitors, motor enthusiasts and motorsport fans flock to Winton Motor Raceway for this Australia’s most popular and iconic historic motorsport event. “We are thrilled to be back again with another weekend with fun for all the family,” Len said.  “This historic race meet has been around for so long now the we are seeing third and fourth generations competing and attending as well as quite a lot of first-timers.”

He said that a new race has been placed on the 2023 program, a Regularity* for N Class ‘tin tops’ touring cars up to 1965. “This will be staged for the first time and is expected to add to the spectacle,” Len said.  “The traditional highlight of the Sunday Parade returns which always has crowds enthralled. “We get a lot of requests to join in the Sunday Parade because everyone wants to do of lap of Winton Motor Raceway in their ‘pride and joy’ car, motorbike, bus, fire engine or other mode of land transport. “Vehicles are selected for the parade on Sunday morning with invitations placed on windscreens.” Len said that parade participants were selected based on the number of vehicles in an anniversary group, rarity and presentation. The list of anniversary display vehicles to be on show will be announced in the New Year.

Historic Winton offers a feast of great racing with a huge array of veteran, vintage, rare and unusual vehicles on display.


Racing for over 400 historic racing cars and motorbikes from the 1920s to the 1980s in the following groups and categories:

  • J Vintage Cars
  • K Post Vintage Thoroughbred Cars
  • Lb Sports and Racing
  • M Racing & Sports racing 1/1/1961 up to 31/12/1965
  • Na Production Touring Cars Pre-1958
  • Nb Production Touring Cars (Pre-1965)
  • Nc Production Touring Cars (1965-1972)
  • O Racing & Sports Racing Cars (1966-1969)
  • Q Racing & Sports Racing Cars (1970-1977)
  • R Sports and Racing Cars 1978 – 1987
  • Sa Production Sports Cars (1941-1960)
  • Sb Production Sports Cars (1961-1969)
  • Sc Production Sports Cars (1970-1977)
  • Formula Ford
  • Formula Vee (Va pre-1975) and (Vb 1975-1985)
  • Regularity Trials
  • Vintage motorcycles

Anniversary Celebrations

Visitors to Historic Winton will be amazed by the impressive array of vehicles celebrating anniversaries as old as 120 years.  The displays are on show, alongside the two-days of historic motorsport action that people travel far and wide to see.

Organiser, Austin 7 Club President, Len Kerwood said that both the official anniversary displays and the car park display of “pride of place” vehicles is always a sight to behold for spectators and competitors alike as fields of cars, emergency vehicles, old buses, trucks and motorbikes and the like stretch around the track.

“It’s great to see that in amongst the anniversaries, three Australian milestones stand out, that of the EH Holden turns 60, the  FJ Holden will be 70 and the anniversary of the start of the adventurous Redex Trials (sponsored by Redex and others) that saw cars touring the Australian countryside from 1953 – 1998,” Mr Kerwood said.


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